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L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar

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Achievements of HOE
Achievements of
Head of Education

Over the past few months, our esteemed Head of Education (Col. (Dr.) Prof. Sanjay Sinha) has demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovative thinking, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, resulting in significant achievements to inspire and motivate our academic fraternity within JK Institutions.

We are truly fortunate to have such an exceptional educational leader like (Col. (Dr.) Prof. Sanjay Sinha) as a guiding mentor within our JK institutions. Sir’s commitment to educational excellence sets a high standard and reinforces our collective dedication to providing an exceptional learning environment for all stakeholders involved.

We share the notable achievements worth highlighting that has bestowed upon Sir by the various academic / non-academic bodies: -
  • FRSA (Fellow of Royal Society of Arts), London.
  • FSIRG (Fellow of Scientific Innovation Research Group), Egypt.
  • Honored by CE Worldwide for Professional Excellence.
  • Received letter of appreciation by UN Global Compact Network India for commitment to SDG-4 (Education) initiative 2023.
  • Honorary Adjunct Distinguished Professorship and Advisory panel membership from Institute of Biology Clinical Research (IBCR), Kerala, India.
  • Certificate of Excellence by the Governing Board of Scientific innovation Research Group (SIRG) Egypt.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Organizational Leadership for best services towards Nation by Global Human Rights Trust (GHRT), India.
  • Honoris Causa in the specialized area of Education Reforms & Policy by THE THAMES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Paris, France.