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School Code.: 10748

L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar

(A Prestigious Knowledge Resource Centre)

Principal's Message
From the Desk of Principal

Dear Parents,

Education is a life-long learning process. Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens in the home, between home and school too. The home’s and school’s mission therefore is to provide a learning environment and opportunities to the children as the learners.

I welcome your decision of bringing your wards to us and also express my gratitude for relying on our hands to mold expectations into reality. You have thus qualified to become proud and active members of this great revolution in the field of education - Lady Anusuiya Singhania Education Centre. Our commitments have always been and will always be to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment where the students feel empowered academically, creatively and rationally so they may thrive in the twenty-first century. We aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with an open and creative mindset for better critical thinking skills; learning how to build strong supportive relationships, understanding their own impulses, and developing empathy for others. Encouraging them to see the world from a global perspective, our learners are taught to become independent through experiences within and beyond the classroom, whilst technology is embedded in the learning process to enhance creativity.

Your children may be small but their needs are enormous. Much bigger than the information contained in their school books and even larger than the walled classrooms they sit in. We at LASEC allow these little adventurers deep into and also beyond their syllabi so that we do not make out of them a bunch of bespectacled bookworms with undigested libraries in their stomach but young citizens with a strong and agile physique, impeccable manners, useful knowledge, super confidence and enlightened souls.

We have got one of the best team of teachers to guide and nurture your wards. Come let us join hands in this earnest beginning for a promising future. Help us to make your dreams come true.

With regards,

Dr. Arunesh Saxena

L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar