Affiliation No.: 1730403
School Code.: 10748

L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar

(A Prestigious Knowledge Resource Centre)

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Vision & Mission
Our Vision
We provide challenging, caring and positive environment in which a child can comfortably learn and grow.  Our primary focus is to enable students to develop their potentials through quality education in a stimulating and well-disciplined environment. Children coming into the school bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them. Here is the beginning of your child’s exciting and rich learning experience that will be basis for their future success.

Education is a partnership between home and school. We believe that we can only achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school. Without the involvement of parents, our task is that much more difficult and less enjoyable. We hope that parents will take a close interest in what their children are doing in school and will encourage learning and its importance in later life. We offer a small friendly environment where the aim is to treat children as individuals and to enable each child to develop his/her full potential.
Our Mission
Aware of the eleemosynary intentions of the founder, we aim to nurture the academic, cultural, sporting and social potential of all the young learners under one roof without any discrimation by importing ethical and quality education and shape the young talent to be proficient enough to opt for various careers and be of good influence in the world.

As an institution we believe in purposeful, pragmatic education to make young learners pleasant, punctual, punctilious, healthy and humane. We aim to excel our students in arts, language as well as in different sciences.