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School Code.: 10748

L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar

(A Prestigious Knowledge Resource Centre)

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School Library
The purpose of well stocked school library is to provide a range of learning opportunities to the learner with a focus on growth of intellectual content. The school library also serves as a place for students to inculcate habit of reading assist in personality development of a child. Our well qualified librarian constantly motivates the students to use this library as a referral center to gain adequate and accurate knowledge. Enrichment of library will be a constant process to acquire knowledge not only in the subjects concerned but also in various fields.
The music rooms are well provided for, and are continuously upgraded. School provides ample opportunities for students with an aptitude for music. Highly talented tutor and availability of different musical instruments help the budding musician to pursue their interests with ease.
Music Room
Art & Craft Room
The School believes strongly in the all-round development of the child. Thus physical, Intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual growth are harmonized. We have well-qualified and experienced teachers to guide and nurture students’ latent talent.
The games and sports amenities of the school range from courts for table tennis, shuttle and grounds for games like football, cricket, track events to the courts for basketball, volleyball, and a skating rink measuring up to international standards.The junior students (up to the 5th standard) are taught all the various disciplines. Students above the 6th standard are required to choose one main sport in which they concentrate on, all year round. We believe that this would help in fostering excellence in the chosen field.Students are under preparation to take part in the district and state level tournaments and other interschool literary activities.
Games and Sports
Digital Classroom
The education of the whole child involves gaining experiences outside the classroom, laboratory and workshop, and providing the opportunity to delve deeply into a subject or to pursue an activity to a high level. Co-curricular activities provide an additional dimension by means of which this objective is achieved on a voluntary basis. The whole school is divided into four houses and further it is divided into two groups sub-junior and junior in each house and inter house competitions are regularly held almost on every Saturdays. We provide ample opportunities in the school by organizing various activities.