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L. A. Singhania Education Centre, Jhalawar

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Earthen Pots
Birds are parched due to the scorching heat and lack of adequate drinking water all around. Being human it increases your responsibility to support all the other lives to sustain. Well aware of the philanthropic motives of J.K. Management, the students tied Parindey (earthen pots) on the branches of the shady trees all around in the school campus to provide food and water to the birds on May 6th, 2022.

Sports Workshop
Aerobics help to improve your quality of life, boost your mood and heighten your sense of well-being. The students enjoyed a brief session of aerobics early in the morning on May 7th, 2022.

Artificial Intelligence Workshop
The young minds are being ignited to master the augmented intelligence in the machine. A seminar on Artificial Intelligence was conducted by the Department Of Computer Science. Mr Mumtaz Khan, the computer teacher successfully conducted the seminar with an interactive session.

Art & Craft Workshop
Concluding the art and craft workshop with the cherishable memories of creativity and imagination. Every child is an artist ”said Pablo Picasso. Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potential in the young minds of our children, a workshop in Art and craft is being conducted for the tiny-tots. The students of the junior group enjoyed filling colours in the pictures in a Colouring Competition organised at L A Singhania Education Centre Jhalawar.

Dance & Music Workshop
The workshop in Music begins on Friday April 29th, 2022 for the rising stars in singing.The second and concluding day of the dance workshop - Students experiencing a magical hour of joyful dance and building technique alongside artistry.