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Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial
All India Hindi & English Debate-2022
“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”
– Joseph Joubert

Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparalleled.

Lady Anusuiya Singhania Memorial all India Hindi and English debate organized on 12 & 13 September 2022 at L.K. Singhania Education Centre, Gotan. Dr. Rakesh Sinha, nominated member of the Rajya Sabha, and Prof. Pankaja Raghav, Head of the Department, Community Medicine and family Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Science, Jodhpur, graced the occasion as the Chairperson in English and Hindi Debates. The judges, adorned the program, were highly distinguished persons including the eminent educationists and professors from Delhi University colleges.

The debate was conducted in Adapted Cambridge Style, which eventually transformed the individual competition into a team competition. The innovation was appreciated by one and all present there. As per the changed pattern of the competition, the jury emphasized the need to explore the topic rather than depending upon a script.

The teams of debaters as well as quizzers were escorted to Gotan by Mr. Piyush Mathur HoD (English), Mr. Arun Kumar Basu, TGT Social Science, and Ms. Poornika Sharma PGT Biology.

Both the debates’ sessions were kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas and perspectives that definitely enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the topic among all the spectators. All the participants of team L.A. Singhania Education Center, Jhalawar spoke logically in a coherent manner. Their eloquent speeches won much applause from the audience. Although all the participants in the competition were students with equal caliber and potential but in the end, team L.A. Singhania Education Center, Jhalawar stood out shining brighter than most others.

Our school impressed the judges and we were announced as the winner securing the third place in both English and Hindi debates. At a marginal difference with the host school in overall marks, we became the second highest scoring team and thus received the honor to lift the overall trophy for the debates.

Under the constant and skilled guidance of our Honorable Principal Dr. Arunesh Saxena, all the participants as well as escorts were full of confidence to perform their best.

Being a humble and generous skipper, Dr. Arunesh Saxena bestowed the credit upon the mentors and HoDs of Hindi – Mr. Manish Kumar Chaturvedi and English – Mr. Piyush Mathur for the team efforts, all of them have put in.

A special assembly was conducted in the school to honour all the winners as well as participants. The Principal, Dr. Arunesh Saxena conveyed his grateful thanks and best wishes to the parents of :
Team English Debate:
Prasiddhi Mathur Class IX
Shreya Paliwal Class X
Nitya Upadhyay Class XII Humanities
Team Hindi Debate:
Parth Patidaar Class X
Leena Meena Class X
Komal Khatri Class XII Humanities
Team Science Quiz:
Mishthi Agrawal Class XII Science
Arpit Meena Class XII Science
All the participants, escorts and the departments of English and Hindi expressed their gratitude to the Principal Dr. Arunesh Saxena for his constant support and skilled guidance.